Everything About Brazilian Waxing!


What is a Brazilian or Boyzilian wax, and how does it work?

A Brazilian Wax is the depilation of all hair from the pubic region, both front and back (including the vagina, perineum and anus).

A Boyzilian Wax is the male variant of a Brazilian Wax. It involves the depilation of all hair from the pubic region, both front and back (including the scrotum, penis, perineum and anus).

Our proprietary Strip Berry Chocolate Wax shrink-wraps the hair so that no strip cloth is needed. It is uniquely devised and highly recommended for treating sensitive areas as it helps to minimize discomfort. Also, as it extracts hair at the very root, your hair tends to grow back softer and smoother.

Why should I go for a Brazilian or Boyzilian Wax?

Harvesting an entire wilderness in your nether regions is no longer (has it ever been?) the look du jour. The social perception of unwanted hair and smooth body parts has seen a jolt since the early Nineties, and the Brazilian and Boyzilian Wax is fast becoming a part of the modern person’s grooming routine.

Plus many who have been ‘Boyzilianed’ love the extra “optical inch” and the smooth clean feeling down under. It’s also a saving grace for men who tend to perspire more, as it reduces the intolerable mess of hair and sweat.

What is the dress code for a Brazilian and Boyzilian Wax?

You will need to remove your bottom apparel (yes, that includes your underwear), but a towel will be provided to shield your nether region prior to the treatment.

Does a Brazilian or Boyzilian Wax hurt?

Admittedly, there will be some discomfort, especially if this is your virgin experience. However, the pain is tolerable. But fear not, to ease you into your first waxing experience, Strip retails a SOS Virgin Forest Rescue Kit which takes care of all your concerns for your first time: SOS After-Care Card, a Shower Bath Puff, Malin+Goetz Strip Ingrown Hair Cream and an Animal Squeezy Toy for company. If you’re flying solo, we will be happy to loan you the support of our friendly Animal Squeezy Toy upon request.

How long does a Brazilian or Boyzilian Wax take?

A Brazilian Wax takes approximately 15 – 30 minutes for one treatment, while a Boyzilian Wax takes approximately 30 – 45 minutes for one treatment, depending on the amount of hair to be removed and also personal preference. While some like it fast, others like it slow and nurturing; just don’t be lulled into thinking that a Brazilian Wax is a massage!

How often can I get a Brazilian or Boyzilian Wax?

You can go for a Brazilian or Boyzilian Wax when there is approximately 6mm in hair length; this is the ideal length for an optimum wax. Typically, most people will get a treatment done between 3 to 6 weeks after their last wax.

For ladies, please take note that we are unable to perform a Brazilian Wax if you are having your period.

What if I am pregnant? Am I still able to get a Brazilian Wax?

It is best to consult your gynaecologist, but it is generally safe to have your treatment done after your first trimester.